Add Offers to your website with GuruHotel

How many times have you wanted to prominently display the promotions you run within your property to generate more traffic within your website?

Now you can generate outstanding offers with our powerful online checkout.

How does it work for the customer?

Watch this video where we briefly explain where we can view the featured offers within the website. 🎥

Share your featured offers

Since you're promoting your property's hottest deals, make sure you give them enough exposure and share them across all possible channels.

Learn below how to share these links to drive more traffic to these specific actions within your website and of course a couple of examples of how you can use these featured offers.

Watch the following video

And learn in two minutes how to share the links of your offers in order to place them on your social networks, or even share them with clients who are interested in those periods.

Do you want to see how to load?

Watch this video so that you know the necessary steps to register the offers in your property 🎥

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