Trends in hospitality for 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted and changed the hospitality industry forever. With the arrival of the new variant of Omicron, it shows us that we still must not let our guard down.

The "new normal" continues to consolidate and the hotel sector is evolving to adapt to the new needs of travellers.  

However, a more favorable outlook is shown than the previous 2 years for the hotel industry.

Increased consumer awareness of health and wellness in particular has set new benchmarks for hotels. 

Here are some trends in hospitality for this 2022:

  • Digitized Guest Experiences

Apps are becoming increasingly important in how hoteliers manage the services they provide to their customers and can now control many aspects of the guest cycle and experience. Needless to say, the trend towards contactless and digital services has gained new momentum since 2020. Traditionally, customer-facing services are being overhauled thanks to the more widespread use of technology-assisted options such as mobile check-in, contactless payments, voice control and biometrics.

  • Workspaces in hotels and travelers Bleisure

With a working hybrid model, the bleisure is expected to increase in popularity throughout 2022. 

The home office modality has become the most efficient alternative for companies to continue operating.

Adapt your hotel rooms to attract this niche with: ergonomic desks and chairs, natural lighting, high-speed Wi-Fi, printing service in the business center, TV with cable signal and disinfectant gel.

  • Direct sales as the first channel

Direct sales have become popular in recent years, as they allow hotels to market themselves without relying on third parties. 

By contacting hotels directly, customers will feel safer and more confident, so this trend will continue in 2022.

Remember that in GuruHotel We offer you the technology so you can create your functional and attractive website for your guests.

  • Data-driven decisions

Smart hotel owners and managers are increasingly using data collected from smart features to forecast, anticipate occupancy levels and staffing needs. 

Data-driven decisions can help you anticipate what services your guests require, thus allowing you to market these services appropriately.

  • Truly personalized customer service

All guests love to feel special. A report written by epsilon shows that 87% of tourists prefer to stay with hotels that offer personalized experiences. Pre-arrival emails greeting each guest are a good start. 

All these trends are solutions that will greatly help the hotel sector to increase its competitiveness in 2022. Remember that the hotels of the next decade will be inclusive, technological, sustainable and innovative.

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