Christmas marketing strategy for your hotel.

For travelers and hoteliers alike, Christmas can be the most important time of the year. Travelers visit family and friends, looking for fun vacations; Christmas cheer is more in demand than ever as the vast majority take advantage of this time to give gifts and celebrate Christmas.

The income of your hotel can increase if you develop a correct strategy, focused on this season. 

By 2021, the number of online shoppers At 4.4% compared to the previous year, approximately 2.140 million people regularly shop online. In this same way, online purchases will amount to $ 5.4 trillion by 2024 worldwide. That is why the importance of creating your strategy, to make your hotel visible, attract leads and convert them into customers.

Take advantage of this seasonality to market your hotel and at the same time provide a memorable experience to your current and future guests.  

Here are 5 key strategies to improve your marketing this holiday season:

  1. Check the profile of your guests.

If you want to improve your hotel's e-commerce, you need to know your customers and take them into account. Most likely you have already defined your buyer persona, but remember that this season may vary or present different behaviors.

It is important that you know what your target audience thinks, how they feel at this time, that they are willing to buy, etc.

  1. Create a social media marketing campaign.

More of 4.3 billion people worldwide are part of social networks, that is, 55.1 % of the people in the world use them regularly.

Social networks present the perfect opportunity to generate online traffic during this festive season, that is why you must have a presence in the different networks that your hotel has.

If you need some guidance on best practices for hotel marketing on social media, we recommend reading our article: Social media strategies for hotels.

  1. Create Christmas promotions.

While guests are on the hunt for Christmas gifts, now is the perfect time for your hotel to start offering these gifts via gift card or coupons.

Holiday gift cards and discounts are a great way to boost your direct bookings and increase website conversions during the holiday season, as they encourage impulse purchases on reservation dates and are tailored to the guest experience of the website.

Offer from one of our partner hotels. 

  1. Build loyalty with email marketing. 

Since you developed the Christmas campaigns for your hotel, you should not forget those who have already stayed at your hotel and retain new guests. 

You can do it by offering special, dynamic discounts or simply with an email of thanks and good wishes for the holidays.

  1. Prepare your hotel for Christmas.

Finally, remember that the strategy does not end when guests enter your hotel. Once the guests are inside the hotel facilities, you must provide them with a memorable experience such as: some decorations in the common areas, exceptional customer service, more subtle decoration in the room and even a special Christmas dinner; This will help put guests in the Christmas spirit and help ensure their loyalty. 

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