Type of offer for hotels

With so much competition in the hospitality industry, hotels must do more to demonstrate to guests that they are the number one choice; That is why different types of offers must be counted to make guests choose you and not the competition. 

Why do hotels need to make discount offers?

Hotels must offer discounts and promotions for the following reasons:

-Promote your brand.

-To increase regular customers and attract new ones.

-Boost room sales in low seasons.

-To guarantee the highest value reservations in high season.

At GuruHotel we want to help you improve your marketing, which is why we share different types of offers that you can implement to attract your target audience. 

  • Percentage discount

These types of offers are the most common because they are the most attractive to the public, that is, they offer a discount percentage when staying at the hotel.  

Include added values such as breakfast included, bottle of wine, room decoration, spa discount, etc. in the rate.

  • Offer per season

Get higher income on high demand dates and apply them to your property. Make travelers book for a special reason and launch irresistible promotions and even tailor some activities for these dates. For example: For the New Year make a toast to welcome the year, on Children's Day launch discounts for minors, Valentine's Day create a romantic package. 

Take the important dates and create new opportunities to travel. 

  • Early booking offer

Book before and save more. This type of offer rewards people for paying for their vacations in advance, obtaining an advance forecast of the level of occupancy. 

  • Offer per package

Attract your clients with special packages where they can enjoy other extra experiences, in addition to staying at the hotel. That is, give it an added value that invites them to stay with you. Example:

  • Stay + breakfast
  • Stay + horse ride
  • Groups of "x" people + tour 
  • Weekend with dinner 
  • Long stay offer

Nowadays remote work is becoming more and more common and that is why many of the people seek to change their routine. An excellent alternative is to build packages in which a quite striking discount is offered if you stay more than 7 days. 

It is very important to mention that the longer they stay, the greater their discount will be. 

Through which channel should you launch promotions?

No matter how attractive your offer is, it will not be important enough unless you promote it properly. 

Here we recommend some channels to ensure that your target audience is aware of the discounts that are running:

  • Mail 

Emails are a timeless way to promote your hotel discount offers to your audience. Additionally, you can use email marketing to keep current and potential guests up to date with your offers. 

Send them emails that include an offer, a coupon code, a discount on the reservation, a recreational service or a meal at your hotel restaurant.

Make sure these emails are engaging, short, and influential so that their recipient finalizes the reservation.

  • Social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to connect and attract a larger audience. Not only this, but it also helps you keep your guests informed of any discounts or offers that are running.

For this, make sure you are active on all social media platforms and regularly post about their offers and packages.

We recommend you read our article: Social media strategies for hotels.

  •  Through WhatsApp

You must be present where your audience is. In addition to social networks, you must be active on WhatsApp. 

With the growing number of smartphone users, your potential customers are available on any channel and will want to communicate with you on their preferred channels.

You must have a database of your current and potential customers where the latest is obtained from a campaign previously carried out on social networks and google.

  • On the website 

The guest's first step when making a reservation is to check availability on the hotel's website. This is the most convenient way for them to know the rates of your hotel and the offers that are being executed. Therefore, make sure to display them correctly on the website. 

In this way, they will be informed and reminded of the offers you are offering; in turn, make your property preferable to the competition. 

Remember that when working with GuruHotel Our experts will help you create attractive promotions on your website, making it your main booking ally. 

  • Run Ads

Advertising is an important aspect of promoting your hotel's discount offers. You should allocate a dedicated budget for this and find the best ways to run ad campaigns.

Ad serving can not only help promote your discount offers, but also services, packages, facilities, location, and much more.

Initially, you can start with Google Ads, remarketing ads, and then move on to advertising offers on Facebook or Instagram; completely depending on your budget.

With GuruHotel, you will have all the support with experts in the hotel segment, to ensure that you obtain greater direct reservations and a better positioning on your website. 

Do not miss the opportunity to obtain new sales opportunities with new potential customers. 

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