Why our alliance with Siteminder is the best thing that can happen to your Hotel

The adoption of efficient technologies is an essential task to have a greater presence in distribution channels, manage reservations, optimize resources and boost the sales of your hotel. 

However, a major obstacle for hoteliers has always been the lack of customization when hiring a channel manager to adapt to the characteristics and needs of each hotel, in addition to the complexity of integrating connections with some hotel management systems (PMS ). 

Normally, all these systems and distribution channels are contracted separately. The problem independent hoteliers face is that channel managers set their prices depending on the size of the hotel, regardless of the number of online agencies (OTAs) connected.

But what if you could choose only the channels that work for you and pay only for the integrations you require? 

What is the alliance between GuruHotel and Siteminder?

“SiteMinder is very proud to announce our alliance with GuruHotel, as it will greatly benefit independent hotels. This partnership allows hotels to have the best of both worlds: powerful distribution technology, coupled with in-depth knowledge of ecommerce hotelier. GuruHotel has come to the industry at a time when hotels most need them to drive sales. " Stated Jason Lugo, Sr. Regional Sales Manager at Siteminder.

With this issue in mind, the alliance between GuruHotel and SiteMinder As an advanced 2-way connectivity system, its main objective is to facilitate hoteliers the integration of all their sales channels, tools and connections in one place, without affecting their finances too much.

What this alliance provides is something never seen in the market, a two-way connectivity service, with which You no longer have to pay for packages that include agencies that you don't need, because with SiteMinder's technology you only pay for the integrations that you choose and that you know work best for your hotel.

In this way, hotels have a powerful tool to obtain greater control of all their online transactions, optimize their resources and improve all their processes through a powerful channel manager that will allow them to manage their rates, inventory and availability in an automated way.

In addition, all this prevents hoteliers from having to invest too much time in managing each OTA separately, in addition to manually updating inventories, rates, discounts in each channel, with the possibility of making mistakes that could affect their business.

The biggest advantage is that GuruHotel allows you to take control of your hotel by connecting individually and personalized with online agencies that make sense for you and not having to pay for tools that do not contribute anything to the growth of your business.

And that's not all, because SiteMinder is the most advanced and powerful channel manager in the world, our partnership opens the possibilities both to have access to its technology, and to be able to connect with more distribution channels worldwide, wholesalers, bed banks and even GDS providers.

How does it benefit independent hotels?

The alliance between GuruHotel and SiteMinder represents a great opportunity for independent hoteliers, especially during these difficult times of economic reactivation.

Our joint goal is to help hotels boost their sales through the best technologies so that they can give their guests an unforgettable experience, from booking on an unbeatable website, to being able to track all their reservations on time. real from an integrated platform.

Do you want to start boosting your reservations with a really efficient technology that helps you optimize costs? Register in GuruHotelLaunch your own website in minutes and start integrating all the channels your hotel needs to increase your online sales.

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