will stop offering the Booking Suite technology: what alternatives are there for hotels? hotel website

As of November 30, 2020, Booking will stop offering a number of BookingSuite products, its department dedicated to offering programming solutions for hoteliers, such as WebDirect, ChoicePro, BookingButton, and RateIntelligence's decision to discontinue these tools is due to the intention of focusing its efforts on its core line of business.

With this announcement, all hotels that are using technology to have their own website and directly process their reservations will have to find an alternative to migrate to another platform. In this way, if you normally handle reservations through the BookingButton or have your website linked to its WebDirect service, in this post we give you the best recommendations so that you do not have problems with the transition. 

What implications does this have for hoteliers? 

In Mexico, the 84% of the lodgings run their business without the help of their own online booking tool, which is why it is very important to have the opportunity of a service that allows you to manage the ecommerce of your hotel in an easy and efficient way. 

For hoteliers who depend on any of the BookingSuite products to manage their reservations online, This decision represents changes that will have to be made in order to continue processing reservations through the direct channel. Therefore, if your website is linked to this service, take into account the steps to follow to request ownership of your domain and be able to migrate it to another platform before it is discontinued. 

On the one hand, if you are the current owner of your domain, you can claim it to continue using it on your new website by following the instructions detailed in the WebDirect help page. On the other hand, in case your domain was generated automatically when it was registered in WebDirect, or if it ends in, you can keep the domain name by transferring it to the provider of your choice. 

Consider that the content of your site will only remain on the platform until you cancel your contract, or until November 30, 2020. After this, you will no longer be able to access your back office, so it is important that you make a backup your website content either from your back office, or Marketplace / App Store.

What is the best alternative? 

To facilitate the transition of BookingSuite products that will be discontinued, GuruHotel puts at your disposal the best hotel ecommerce platform to migrate your hotel website in a couple of clicks.

With the intention of becoming a key ally for the growth and digitization of your hotel, we offer you a comprehensive solution: an optimized ecommerce designed to receive reservations from any device and process payments online easily.

In addition to the integration with the main online travel agencies and with the best tools to promote your brand, such as our premium professional photography service, or Google Property Promotion Ads. Finally, remember that there is no adversity that does not reveal an opportunity for your business.

Take advantage of GuruHotel to migrate your website at no cost to a platform designed for the hotel industry of the future, in which all the technologies that we put at your disposal are designed to boost sales through the direct channel and simplify the management of your marketing strategy. ecommerce from the same place.

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