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Covid-19 hotel certification

Tourism in Mexico is preparing to rehabilitate its economic activity. And just a few days ago we boarded the strategies outlined by the governments of some Mexican states, in order to minimize the rates of contagion by COVID-19.

Well, this time we bring new news: just yesterday, May 18, in Quintana Roo, the countdown has begun for the hotel sector to emerge again.

Recently, the State Secretary of Tourism, Marisol Vanegas Pérez, released the news of a new protocol aimed at this sector: it is the Certification in Health Protection and Prevention in Tourist Facilities (CPPSIT), a procedure applicable to all companies in the sector, that is to say: hotels, travel agencies, spas, theme parks, tourist transport companies and more facilities of this nature.

Register voluntarily and for free

The campaign is promoted by the government of Quintana Roo, in conjunction with the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council, by the Ministry of Health (SESA) and by the Ministry of Tourism (SEDETUR) and access to this certification is free, online , voluntary and self applicable.

The way in which you can register your hotel is by accessing this website. The first step consists of registration, followed by 3 more steps to follow:

  • Integration
  • Dictamination
  • check

Filling is very simple; Among the data to include in the form are:

  • The category of your hotel
  • The number of employees
  • Your tax regime
  • Your location and address

When you finish your registration and send some supporting documents digitally, you will only have to leave the evaluation in the hands of a technical committee, which will be in charge of verifying your venue in person (this step is governed by a random selection process). If everything goes as expected, and the results are positive, you can consult them through the same portal.

The validity of this badge is until December 31, 2020, and you can renew it according to the guidelines indicated by state institutions.

All safe and comfortable

The entities involved in this initiative intend that the hotels of the State return to operate under sanitary and security measures for your guests and your staff alike:

“Tourism providers will be able to guarantee the implementation of good practices in matters of sanitary security; facilitate the correct definition of hygiene processes and procedures; increase the trust and loyalty of customers, develop health discipline in staff; provide certainty and job security. "

In addition, this leads Quintana Roo to be, once again, an excellent host of national and foreign visitors and tourists. In this way, guests interested in this destination will be more likely to give their vote of confidence to those hotels that join this certification. One of the government's expectations, of course, is to recover the "tourist competitiveness of the Mexican Caribbean and a better image at the international level."

Just as the authorities of the Country are concerned with transmitting and abiding by official health measures, the GuruHotel team also works with dedication, through constant dialogue with the official spokespersons of the locality, the State and the Federation, with the aim of offer guests, hotels and collaborators accurate information about the contingency and its economic implications for the industry in which we operate.

For this reason, our team of Gurus invites the independent hotel community of Quintana Roo to become part of this crucial process, reactivating their operations in a conscious and empathetic way. For GuruHotel, more than an opportunity to distinguish yourself within the competition, following this new protocol implies an ethical, social and health responsibility to take.

For our part, we can only say: the welcome is near. See you soon with new reservations and new challenges for the second half of 2020.

For more information, see the legal terms and the contact email of the Certification in Health Protection and Prevention in Tourist Facilities (CPPSIT): [email protected]

The GuruHotel team.

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