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Flexible cancellation policies GuruHotel

Every day, thousands of independent hoteliers around the world prepare to receive tourists, since - like you - they contribute to their family finances.

Today, they need you more than ever and that is why we ask you not to cancel your trip, but to change the arrival date.

Sensitive to the impact that the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had in the world, the community of independent hoteliers at GuruHotel wants your lodging experience with us to be safe and flexible, so we have taken additional measures based on the identification, containment and care strategies that health authorities and organizations have implemented.

We maintain close collaboration with local, state and federal authorities to keep our guests and collaborators duly informed about everything related to COVID-19.

Flexibility in reservations:

At GuruHotel we understand that the contingency of COVID-19 can modify your travel plans, therefore, we have implemented policies to our reservations so that you travel without worries.

Existing reservations:

All reservations acquired until April 30, 2020 with a check-in date until May 30, 2020 - even those that are not cancellable - can be canceled or modified without charge.

New reservations:

Any reservation made until April 30, 2020 - even those that are not cancellable - can be canceled or modified without penalty up to 24 hours prior to arrival.

If you made your reservation through an online agency, you can request your change or cancellation in the same way.

We invite you to book through our official website and take advantage of the exclusive discounts we have for you.

Thank you very much for your confidence,

The GuruHotel team

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