Essential tips to reduce the cancellation of your reservations

How to reduce your hotel cancellations

They well say that times of crisis are opportunities to emerge. And in 2020, there are no exceptions, especially if we have a series of essential tips to reduce cancellations at your hotel.

The current world situation presents an outlook of uncertainty for various business areas, the tourism sector being one of the most affected. With the closing of borders and the imminent quarantine, now more than ever, you have to have a plan B.

What steps can we take to reduce the number of cancellations?

Flexibility in reservations It is an essential point, because having the option to change a previous agreement for another gives the user an added value of great importance, which will place your hotel in their top of mind and, surely, they will return in the future or make a recommendation . At this point it is essential to clarify that in the process it will be guaranteed that the rate remains the same. In this way, we avoid a cancellation and ensure consumer satisfaction.

It always gives a plus. Regardless of whether the client has booked a specific package or only a hosting plan, surprise them with a detail. Whether it's an included breakfast, the opportunity to bring a companion at no cost, or offer an entertainment program for children, details are always appreciated. Perhaps it is a good time to think about integrating a All inclusive in your packages, whether temporary or permanent, if you do not yet have this service.

The experiences are the memories that we carry When the journey ends This is a rule that we must not forget, especially when dedicating ourselves to the tourism sector. An experience is worth a thousand words, likewise, a great adventure is worth everything. So why not include it in your visitor's stay? The experience can be negotiated from the reservation or upon arrival. To make it comprehensive and interesting, you can create alliances with specific suppliers.

Offer a 50% discount on a tour or family outing; a gift voucher for the SPA of your hotel; How about a romantic dinner for two or a cheese and wine board to share with a special person in the light of the moon ?; a movie night inside the hotel; the more endearing, the better results. The possibilities are endless!

Personalized communication. Do not settle for the management of social media and responding in your networks and channels. If your client's reservation was canceled from an online agency, such as Booking or Expedia, contact him directly to tell him that you understand the situation and empathize with him (or her) and that your hotel would be honored to receive him. Assure him that in his Next reservation will have a considerable percentage for your accommodation. Remember, what we try to do is avoid cancellations, and to achieve this we are open to the means that ensure the total satisfaction of the guests.

Unique activities. You can send an email with a survey to customers who booked with you and moved the dates, as well as old customers, in order to get to know them better. And based on their answers (for example: what is the activity that you enjoy the most? What is your favorite sport? Your favorite food?) You can give them an outing either during the day or at night. This point is similar to that of generating experiences, with the only difference that it delves into the diversities between consumers. Their personalities play a stellar role. Each client is unique and has unique tastes and concerns. After knowing their responses, you can send them an email informing them that by being a special customer they have gained an experience like no other. In this way, customers who rescheduled will be happy to have done so and those who visited you in the past will be reactivated.

Indoors events. Easter is a busy time, and it is no wonder that the holidays this year will be affected by recent events. The strategy that as a hotel company you can implement: make them an offer that they cannot refuse.

Send them a very unique message explaining that those who were going to vacation during Easter will be able to reschedule (keeping the same rate, of course) to visit the place during the national holidays. And not only that, but on a certain date an exclusive dinner with mariachi will be held indoors.

In this way, you will not only be giving them a reason to return to your hotel on Easter, or on the date that is stipulated, but you'll be removing a cancellation from the map. Likewise, you can create closed-door events on different dates that make those who reschedule or those you want to reward for their trust or seniority feel welcome: mixology nights, open bar, pairings by a guest chef, among other things.

The user likes to know that he is special and, above all, that he is taken into account. Take every chance you get to remind them!

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