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resume hotel operation

Throughout our articles we have shared various updates about the progress that tourism has experienced in the context of COVID-19. The month of June brings substantial changes: it is a watershed for the country's economic activity, especially that which is nourished by tourism.

The next recommendations are governed by the National Guideline for the reopening of the Tourism Sector, which the Ministry of Health recently released. Although it includes an extensive series of steps to follow, our team of Gurus wants to share with the hotel community only the most outstanding measures, so that they can reactivate their work and successfully mitigate the risk of contagion during their operation. If you want to know the details of these aspects, both personal hygiene, healthy distance and other alternatives that hotels will apply to exposure scenarios, crowds and social interaction, stay reading.

Lines of action: what are the general considerations?

Before opening again, hotels must assign a person responsible for monitoring the correct implementation of all sanitary measures. It is recommended that, in addition, there is a professional per area, for better performance. And, to achieve this, the prior creating a protocol that contemplates, from the policies of entry, exit and stay in the internal areas of the hotel or of common use; the training of all personnel (both for the use of protection material, the management of sanitary waste, what aspects to consider in personal hygiene, how to maintain a healthy distance between them, etc.), to learning how to detect risk groups within the work team, and even how to proceed if a member contracts the virus.

Of course, a process prior to the hotel reopening is to make sure to sanitize the entire space, to acquire and guarantee the use of the necessary supplies for the protection of staff and guests, so that they can carry out their activities in a hygienic environment and sure.

Basic measures before and during the opening of your hotel

Supplies: One of the most basic aspects to implement is that both the hotel's general staff and guests must wear disposable face masks, gloves and shoe covers, as well as antibacterial gel. Gel dispensers and sanitizers should be, as far as possible, automatic or should be integrated with a sensor. To the supplies we talked about before, soaps, safety glasses or transparent masks, gowns and coveralls (for maintenance and laundry areas, for example) and rugs with a disinfectant solution should be added. Experts recommend the use of sodium hypochlorite with concentrations of at least 0.5%, or any product registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that is certified for the elimination of SARS-CoV-2. All these inputs will be our new infallible companions. As additional information, each hotel should consider the provision of a kit equipped with the supplies for guests and workers, once they enter the premises. In the second case, the team will serve for each work shift. Finally, taking the temperature with sensor thermometers will be another of the basic preventive measures.

Distancing and signaling You can not miss, of course, a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters; the barrier is as invisible as the virus, but effective. And, just in case we forget at some point, the use of signs in the most strategic places will be of indispensable help.

Supervision by areas In the restaurant area it is recommended that the menus have a QR code to facilitate their consultation by scanning by the diners. But, if you prefer the conventional menu, it is recommended that it be disposable (single use) or that it be sterilized after and before use, if it is made of plastic or another material. In addition, in case of offering buffet service, it is important to have acrylic bands that prevent contamination of the food, due to contact with fluids. Regarding the areas of pools and beaches, the authorities suggest using a standard measure of residual chlorine equivalent to "1.5 parts per million with a PH of 6.8". In addition to spraying lounge chairs, the palapas area, showers, slides, among others with disinfectant solution.

Take the appropriate actions No more countdowns: this is the time when the hotel industry must take action and take due precautions, as part of the so-called “new normal”, and according to the traffic light by regions, which is discussed more thoroughly in the Official Journal of the Federation. Although the information and precautions to be taken are many, we are sure that, little by little, its follow-up will be much easier. A different daily life awaits us to assume, at least until a solution is found, or we have better control of COVID-19; meanwhile, we must collaborate as a team, take care of ourselves and everyone around us. If you wish to consult more details about this National Guideline, we recommend that you access the complete document at this link.

We hope that you value our effort to keep you informed about each of the news that is changing the landscape of the tourism industry during this contingency.

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