GuruHotel and Mastercard join forces to help independent hotels

The consequences that COVID-19 has had on the tourism sector have been drastic, since not only have borders been closed at the global level, preventing travel and reducing the number of reservations, but the areas that depend mainly on the tourist spill are they have seen the need to cut thousands of jobs.

There is no doubt that we are living in a complex situation, but at GuruHotel we continue to look for alternatives to support all independent hotel owners to expand their business digitally.

Therefore, in an alliance between GuruHotel and Mastercard, we join your Digital Acceleration Platform, with the aim of helping hoteliers who want to expand their online presence, to reach their key audiences in this new environment and to face the challenges that COVID-19 has brought.

What is the collaboration of GuruHotel and Mastercard?

Now more than ever, having an e-commerce platform can represent a big change for hotels looking to get more bookings through digital channels.

Despite this, we know that, in many cases, the services offered by the tools and technology to create a website involve an investment that not many small or independent hotels have the opportunity to afford at the moment.

In this way, the collaboration of Mastercard and GuruHotel It will allow you to access the necessary resources to create your hotel's eCommerce quickly and safely.

The plan is to offer a free website for Mastercard® customers and a 20% discount on all integrations with distribution channels and hotel management and marketing tools that GuruHotel offers within its Marketplace. Among them you can find Expedia, BestDay,, AirBnB and Google Ads, among others.

How do I access my free website?

To access this unique benefit for Mastercard customers, all you have to do is register here and start creating your website in three easy steps.

First, create your account and complete the profile of your hotel with the basic information of your property.

After, activate the distribution channels that your hotel has (OTAs) and the analysis and monitoring apps that you can manage directly from the GuruHotel platform. Finally, you will be ready to launch your website and manage all your channels from a single dashboard.

And most importantly: every time you want to add a tool available in our Marketplace you will get 20% discount.

We ensure your sustainability during the crisis

With this initiative, GuruHotel wants to give independent hotels the tools they need to continue operating and ensure their sustainability after the crisis.

Likewise, Mastercard has said that its strategic priority will always be to ensure the digital health of SMEs.

Daniel Acosta, Vice President of Commercial Products of Mastercard LAC, stated:

"By allowing SMEs to move their business into the digital space, we are helping them build new sources of income that will sustain them during the COVID-19 crisis and help them emerge stronger from this critical situation."

Together we can achieve the recovery and digital development of your business. Take advantage of this alliance and get everything your hotel needs to increase your sales and compete in the online world.

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