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The world has changed. There is no question in this. We are fighting a virus on a global scale and although we have been told everywhere that we must isolate ourselves to avoid contagion and keep a healthy distance, this is the best time to join and help us.

We are receiving news of massive layoffs in the travel industry, from large hotel chains, online travel agencies, technological players that are letting go of great professionals with years of experience in the industry and that until a few weeks ago not at their worst nightmare they could have imagined something like what is happening now.

We are faced with massive cancellations, complete country closures, canceled flights, and even potentially the demise of some airlines that put our industry in a shambles. disadvantageous position, unfavorable and with a negative scenario.

At GURUHOTEL we see the panorama with different eyes: we want add instead of paralyzeWe want to help the industry to gain strength with the use of technology, to help all those jobs that are being lost to be recovered quickly.

It is a reality that hotel chains will be strongly affected by the crisis in the sector and the cancellations in the months to come, but we know that they will manage to overcome this crisis in one way or another. But what about SMEs?

We care about people and their well-being. Now more than ever we want to direct our support to all the independent hotels that have worked so hard to gain competitiveness in the market and whose main asset is undoubtedly their human capital and all of professionalism and hospitality of its employees and collaborators.

Therefore, we have decided to provide the following benefits valid for all of 2020:

  • For all independent hotels that do NOT have a direct sales channel today, we offer a free website that will allow them to communicate with their guests and receive direct reservations.
  • In addition, we want to give all our current and new customers the possibility to try three free months of our Expert Plan, which includes access to an administrator where they can manage their inventory and connectivity with the most important OTAS in LATAM.
  • In the same way, we want to include in this "special package against contingency", the advice of our team of experts in revenue management and e-commerce, who will help you create strategies to resume the sales of your property as quickly as possible .

We trust that each sacrifice will have its reward and that from our trench This is the best way to fight to get up again

We appreciate the vote of confidence that our clients have given us and continue to give us. Through this initiative, we want to show them that we are determined not to leave them alone in the most vulnerable moments.

We invite you to join the hotel community on Slack to share knowledge in these difficult days that the industry is going through.

Let's go together for the future of the industry!

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