GuruHotel launches campaign to help Independent Hotels

GuruHotel Save Indie Hotels Campaign

We know that the scenario we live in today, in the face of COVID-19, is devastating both for Mexico and for the entire world. The repercussions of this pandemic, at the tourist level, imply not only gradual cancellations of reservations, but already registered job losses and thousands of other jobs at risk.

In 2019, our country hosted 45 million international tourists, whose economic benefit was translated into 24,563 million dollars; In addition, 243,000 direct jobs were created, which was equal to more than 4 million jobs in the tourism sector.

But this year, COVID-19 hits just before Easter, one of the most important times for the tourism sector. We talk about what, For every inactive hotel room, 1.5 direct jobs and three indirect jobs would be lost. So around 1.2 million families that depend entirely on tourism, would be affected in Mexico.

Undoubtedly, all these figures lead to uncertainty, but together we can help this unexpected host that is COVID-19 to generate less economic damage to the community.

Gift cards to help independent hotels

Faced with the hostile outlook, at GuruHotel we keep up our spirits. Therefore, we decided to launch Save Indie Hotels, a campaign in support of the independent hotel industry, whose objective is to cushion the coming months by selling gift cards with 2 nights for your next vacation.

How does it work?

Through this platformAnyone interested in supporting independent hotels will be able to purchase a $50 or $100 USD gift card to redeem at the establishments that join the initiative.

The steps are simple: users will be able to buy their gift cards online. Once they acquire their cards, They will have 30 days to select the hotel they decide to help and visit on their next vacation.. Later, they will only have to contact the hotel mentioning their gift card to select the date of your trip within the next 12 months.

In the same way, independent hotels show solidarity with hospitals, because for each gift card sold, will donate 10% of the proceeds to purchase medical equipment (masks) for all personnel who, day by day, expose their integrity while fighting COVID-19.

Starting today, all travelers in the world will be able to join forces with GuruHotel and contribute with their empathy and solidarity both to independent hotels, with thousands of employees under their care, as well as medical staff and patients.

About GuruHotel

GuruHotel is the first digital hotel chain in Latin America. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the hotel sector and digital business, GuruHotel wants to become the technological ally of independent hotels around the world, providing them with the technology and knowledge necessary to increase their direct sales and compete globally.

This year GuruHotel has been part of YCombinator, the world's most important business accelerator, and is about to close its first round of capital, which will allow it to continue expanding to more countries and becoming a key ally for the growth and digitization of independent hotels in Latin America.

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