How to create a website for your hotel

how to create a website for your hotel

Now that people are spending more time on the internet than traveling, we must take the opportunity to position ourselves where our audience is. For this reason, in this article we will tell you how to create a website for your hotel in very few steps.  

A website will allow you to obtain a greater number of direct online bookings without the need for so many intermediaries, as well as to let travelers know the unique characteristics you have to offer them.

1. Get inspired

We know that hiring a major agency or web design expert can be unaffordable for many hoteliers. However, today there are thousands of web templates with which you can have an attractive website quickly and easily.

The advantage of hotel templates is that they already include the basic features you need, such as a menu, contact details, photo galleries, and most importantly, the online reservation system for your hotel. You simply have to adapt the template to fit the identity of your hotel and upload the texts, rate plans, prices, promotions, etc.

You can even build a complete website in three steps with GuruHotel. This is the fastest and easiest way to have a direct sales channel for your hotel since it allows you create your website in minutes and with all the integrations you need.

In addition, with your own site you will have the possibility of obtaining a greater number of direct online reservations, as well as integrating all your distribution channels such as or Expedia, and managing all the reservations from the same place.

2. Customize

Even though a template can make your life easier, you still have to make sure that you give your website the personality and identity of your hotel. This will be important so that you can Stand out from your competitors and create a lasting impression on your audience.

For that, take time to think about what image you would like to convey to your visitors. You may want to project warmth and romance, modernity, adventure, or quality family time. Thus, try to personalize the domain of your website, incorporate professional photographs, logo, design and color palette that really express and capture the essence of your hotel and its best attributes.

With the Exclusive GuruHotel Marketplace, you have access to different tools that you can incorporate according to your needs, such as a premium photo service for your hotel, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, among others, so that get the most out of your hotel, enhance the image of your property and have a more competitive digital profile.

3. Incorporate the important sections

Now that you have defined your corporate image, you must incorporate the relevant pages to your hotel's website. Although it is very important to obtain reservations, a website must make it a priority to inform, attract and convince its visitors.

Remember that most people do not know you and you must provide all the information you want them to know so that they decide to book. In this way, by including different sections and pages, you can communicate all the experience that staying at your hotel will entail.

First of all, the home page should be impressive, as this is the first contact that users have with your hotel. Include attractive images, relevant information and calls to action or CTAs that invite you to check room availability, prices and book directly.

You can also create a section to describe your spaces, from the rooms and their characteristics, the restaurant, room service or different services you offer, to the activities that can be done within your hotel or in nearby areas.

You can add an FAQ page with data on transportation, local currency, some essential travel items, and more. Think about everything that you would like to know before making an online reservation and make sure to resolve all possible questions from your visitors.

4. Offer an unforgettable shopping experience

One of the worst mistakes that ecommerce or hotel websites can commit is having a complicated reservation and payment process. This can disappoint anyone, as most modern travelers expect their entire experience to be as smooth and quick as possible.

So avoid having too many steps or fields required to reserve and pay. In the same way, it facilitates the reservation process so that it is accessible from any mobile or desktop device and, ideally, it offers the possibility of booking in any language for the greater ease and comfort of your clients.

As a GuruHotel user, the guest's shopping experience will be of another level, since we focus on simplifying the steps to a minimum, eliminating any friction when completing reservations. As a result, you get a website with a great conversion rate.

5. Think SEO marketing

Consider that with the great competition that exists online, it is not enough to just have a website, but you will have to apply SEO techniques to organically position your site in search engines. This will help your customers find you easier when they search on Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

In the same way, creating a blog for your website is a great SEO technique to position yourself in search engines, since you can use keywords and provide quality content to your potential clients. Some topics you could cover are trends and travel tips, talking about tourist destinations in your area, among other things.

Finally, do not create your website and then leave it forgotten, as this will gradually make you have a worse position in the search results. Constantly update it with seasonal promotions or discounts, new rates, if you have new amenities, more rooms, etc.

If before it was important to have an online presence, today more than ever it is important to know how to create a website for your hotel. Dare to do it and start receiving and managing your online reservations easily and safely, register on our platform and launch a powerful website for your hotel in a couple of clicks.

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