How to optimize your website to get more bookings

The website is the digital gateway to your hotel. If you can't impress a guest online, then they'll assume your hotel doesn't have anything exciting to offer.

Its mission is to capture the attention of travelers from the beginning and highlight the highlights of your property.

It must contain useful information for visitors, it must be visually attractive, but it must also be functional and have all the facilities to make a reservation online.

But what are the specific benefits of bookings being generated through your own website?

There are mainly three:

  • Save on commissions.
  • Improve the profitability of your online marketing strategy.
  • Have full control over communication with the client.

If you want to know what elements a hotel website must have to be effective and help you generate more bookings, keep reading! We share with you 6 key elements that you should take into account:


A website that is complex and requires many steps to make a reservation will be a great obstacle for you to achieve your goals.

For travelers, the simpler and clearer the sales funnel, the easier it will be for them to make the decision to stay with you. That is why you should look for your website to be concise, intuitive and that in a few clicks it allows you to make a conversion.


The design of your website is one of the biggest determinants for travelers to decide to make a reservation, since they seek to have a clear image of what the experience would be like if they stay at your hotel. It is important to include high-quality images and clear, legible text to place the hotel in the best possible light.

Booking engine

The reservation engine is the most decisive part of the conversion or sales process.

One of the main aspects that you should take into account when creating the website for your hotel is to include a reservation engine that can boost the generation of conversions, that is, reservations, subscriptions, among other actions that are relevant for your tourism company. .

Additionally, it must offer the possibility of receiving payments in multiple currencies, since users can try to book a room in your hotel from anywhere in the world.


More than 50 % of travelers make their reservations through mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Your website should be optimized for these devices and you should also add links to maps so that travelers can find the hotel while they are away.

Rates and availability

It is of the utmost importance that your hotel rates are always up to date and clearly displayed. Maintain an easy-to-understand structure for users and connect with online travel agencies to increase distribution.

Loading speed.

We live in a fast-paced world, we need everything fast, and that influences our satisfaction. The loading speed on your website is a determining factor for its usability and directly influences profitability. It is essential to avoid having a high bounce rate, especially when our goal is for users to take an action (book).
This also affects SEO, since Google also values the loading speed when determining that the traveler demands it. We share a link to a Google tool, where you can analyze the loading speed of your website Page Speed tool.

Now you know the reasons and advantages of having a well optimized website. If your hotel does not yet have a website or has one but it does not convert as you expect, we invite you to register on our platform from which you can create and launch a powerful ecommerce for your hotel in a couple of clicks.

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