The impact of reviews on direct bookings

The impact of reviews on direct booking

The impact of reviews has evolved over time and has a large-scale impact on your hotel's direct reservations, as now with digital media they have become convincing tools for potential guests.

Some years ago there were great books where guests wrote experiences about their stay. Even some curious people compared their answers with those of the rest and found out if an acquaintance or famous person stayed in the same place.

Although the current modality is different, they say that the best advertising is that which comes from word of mouth. Herein lies the importance of getting positive reviews, as you can get more direct bookings.

How much impact can a review have?

Thanks to the rise of social networks, the attention we pay to opinions has become more important, since the way in which we treat our guests comes to influence the impression of potential customers.

You should take into account that you not only respond to the person who writes a review about your hotel, but to the thousands of users who visit the platform where it was written. Several studies have shown that 95% of travelers who read reviews before making a direct reservation.

In some social networks there is a tab for opinions, recommendations or ratings so that users can describe their experiences. On your website, check that there is a space where you also have this opening. The 49% of travelers do not risk booking a hotel that does not have “opinions”.

Don't be afraid of bad comments, they are inevitable. But a correct management for the solution of needs or complaints will make visible your concern and sympathy for the well-being of your guests. Getting involved in this way is the best policy to reverse a troublesome situation.

How to get a positive review?

The impact of other guests' reviews is critical when choosing and booking. Because many times they can find out something that we did not mention in the main description. As the best dish in the restaurant, the best place for a photograph, the type of climate in the area, among others.

Be consistent and don't overdo it

Sometimes when describing our hotel we can exaggerate how the rooms, the services are, or how close the places of interest are. It is best to be as objective as possible and highlight the positive aspects.

In this way, guests will not be disappointed not to find what they envisioned.

Service attitude

It goes without saying, but it is the key point for the entire operation of the hotel. Guests may not always recognize the friendliness of the staff, but a bad attitude will never be forgotten, and it is a point that they can easily claim and greatly damage the image of your hotel.

Interact on social media

All networks have mention tools that link to your hotel's official accounts. Feel free to react to the photos, share them, re-tweet them or re-share in stories.

Real users transmit real experiences and when they are taken into account you create the feeling of being your highest priority.

Answer all reviews

It is important to have a good online management responding quickly and as best as possible to the reviews of your guests. Serving them properly is a key factor for reservations at our hotel.

Take these tips into account:

  • Start by thanking the user for the comment, no matter if it is positive or negative.
  • Customize the response so that the guest feels that their opinion is taken into account.
  • If it is a complaint, apologize for the inconveniences that have arisen during the guest's stay and mention the measures that will be carried out to solve the problem or improve the service.
  • Always try to respond with positive and optimistic language.
  • If it's a positive comment, try to build customer loyalty by inviting them to return. You can mention other services that you offer.

Answering opinions does not finish the job. If there are recurring complaints you should really look for the solution to the problem. A strategic hotel leader Involve your staff on this feedback so that individually they know their areas of opportunity.

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