Increase your reservations using Google Analytics

Increase your reservations using Google Analytics

Monitoring the metrics of your business, that is, the purchase trends in the last month, or the sales metrics throughout 1 year, can be a fairly simple task for physical stores, with the help of an analyst or with the use of a POS (Point of Sale) system. However, for online stores, these and other similar procedures become less accessible, especially when the right tool to carry them out is not known. If this is your case, we welcome you to Google Analytics.

Study the online performance of your business

Why spend time studying Google Analytics? These are some of its features:

  • Google Analytics makes a real-time study of the traffic metrics that reaches your hotel's website.
  • It can help you better understand how users who visit it behave and what their browsing experience was.
  • You can know a lot about your visitors: what are the devices with which they enter your site, from what places, at what times, among other things.

In this way, instead of visualizing numbers and numbers, you can see these figures through very intuitive graphical interpretations, which work as a guide: the highs and lows in the peaks are a tool that helps you understand more easily what works and what remains to be improved on your page.

Know your customers: your web traffic is not just a number

Have you ever wondered where do the visits to your site come from? With a web traffic report, it is possible to have demographic data about the people who come to your site: geographical location, age, gender and even what type of devices they use to access. The process to know them is simple: you just have to go to "Home page" - "Audience" and, finally, to "General description". 

Google analytics Google analytics

What changes can you make from this metric? Suppose you discover that the majority of visits to your website come from the USA. In this case, you could improve the English content of your site, and even design content or email marketing campaigns focused on this specific segment of visitors.

Know the reference sources of your website

With this metric you can know which source of traffic attracts more visitors to your online site. For what? To identify which traffic channels are working the most. They could be from paid channels, organic searches or even social networks.

Google Analytics can also provide you with information about the highest performing products, or about the total volume of your transactions. You can apply these results to improve your campaigns, as long as they generate better conversions.

To access this report you just have to go to the "Home Page" - "Conversions" - "Goals" and "Overview" and make sure to enable the Google Analytics e-commerce tracking function. 

Google analytics Google analytics

User behavior within your website

It is not enough to attract traffic to your website: it is very important to know if visitors interact with your page, or if they leave it without navigating it. And what you should ask yourself in these cases is: why does that happen?

There is a Google Analytics section where you can identify what is the bounce rate, how long the user takes on your page and what is the conversion rate of the funnel. All this information is very valuable to know what actions visitors have taken once they have entered your site.

A very useful piece of information for a hotel website, for example, is to know the percentage of people who complete the details of a reservation, but who leave the page without completing the check out. At GuruHotel, we are obsessed with providing the simplest and most fluid shopping experience for the user. That's why our hotel website is designed to guarantee you the highest conversion rates you've ever had on your direct channel.

To see where to analyze these user behavior metrics, perform the following steps: “Home page”, “Conversions”, “Goals” and “Funnel visualization”.

Image source: Bolt

Adapt Google Analytics for your hotel website

You do not need to be a specialist to configure this tool. We show you in a few simple steps how to do it. 1.- Go to the “Administrator” option in the lower left corner of the Google Analytics panel. Once logged in, go to the admin panel to set up tracking on your site. 2.- In the menu, select the column "Account".

Google analytics

3.- Then the option "Property".

4.- In "Property", select "Tracking information" and then "Tracking code". You will be able to see your Google Analytics ID at the top of the page.

Google analytics

5.- Copy all the content into the text box "Global website label (gtag.js)".

Google analytics

6.- And paste it next to the label on each page of your website. 7.- Done! It only remains to check if the label works. Access your website and check the log of your visit in real time through the "Real-time reports" option.

Google analytics

Get the most out of Google Analytics

We tell you all this, because we want to help you use the free tools that Google provides us to more accurately measure the impact of the website on the sales of your hotel. As we saw, the analysis of the data that your website throws through Google Analytics, can lead you to make more strategic decisions to acquire a greater number of customers, provide a better browsing experience and higher conversion rates than you have. currently.

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