Increase your reservations: marketing strategies for hotels

marketing strategies for hotels

The hotel industry has always been characterized by being at the forefront and adapting to all trends of travelers and the world. With the new technologies, these changes appear faster and faster and therefore, Adapting marketing strategies for hotels to new needs is a must for any company. This will allow you to get more bookings and remain relevant to users.

This year and the coronavirus pandemic have completely revolutionized the tourism industry. Despite all the challenges and difficulties we face, we can also see that the hotel market is innovating in many aspects.

In this post we will cover the current strategies that should be included in your hotel marketing plan to increase reservations and expand your business opportunities.

1. Strategies of mcontent arketing for hotels

First, you should consider implementing a content strategy in the marketing plan for your hotel. Content marketing is the best way to position your brand so that it reaches your potential customers in an organic way.

To achieve it you must take into account:

The creation of your buyer persona

This step consists of visualize your ideal client and describe him in a scheme that allows you to know his interests, tastes and other relevant characteristics so that you can get to know him.

By having the profile of your buyer persona, you will know exactly what type of content to create to reach them, attract them and retain them with your brand. All the marketing strategies of your hotel have to be directed to your target specific to achieve its effectiveness.

SEO positioning

SEO, within your hotel marketing strategy, has the main objective of making your hotel visible when a user performs a search on engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! To achieve this effectively you can go to an expert in web positioning, or you can apply some basic recommendations.

Some of these include doing research of relevant keywords in the tourism sector, having an updated, attractive website with quality content optimized for SEO.

On the other hand, you can't leave out the Local SEO and Google My Business to boost local tourism, especially while some travel restrictions remain in place due to the pandemic.

Since local SEO consists of applying certain practices to optimize the location of your hotel on Google Maps, you can strengthen your presence in search engines, as well as link your hotel with activities, restaurants, museums, or other businesses in the area.

Start your own blog

This look goes hand in hand with the steps above. This is because a blog allows you to position your website not only for strictly transactional searches or for people looking for accommodation. But you will be a relevant source of content for people interested in the hotel sector.

In this way, in your blog you will be able to incorporate the keywords for which you want to appear in the search results pages or SERPs and you will have much more opportunity to publicize your hotel, become an authority on the subject and gain confidence of your readers so that they become guests in the future.

In addition, knowing your buyer person you will be able to create content tailored to the tastes, needs and trends of your potential customers. With a blog, you can add great value to your community with articles of interest, ebooks, infographics, as well as position yourself and gain much more visibility.

2. Mobile marketing

Now, it is clear that having a website is of vital importance in tourism marketing, especially to increase your direct bookings. However, another very important factor is make our hotel eCommerce friendly, attractive, fast and easy to use on a mobile device and ensure a great user experience.

Today, mobile devices increasingly form an essential part of the traveler planning stage. In accordance with GorogleIn the last year, the proportion of visits to travel websites via mobile phone has increased by 48% and the conversion rates of these mobile sites have increased by 88%.

For this reason, making your hotel available to travelers on any device is essential in your hotel marketing strategy to increase bookings and the positioning of your brand.

3. Social networks for hotels

Currently, there are around 3 billion active users on social networks, which is why it is crucial to have online marketing strategies for hotel businesses. Despite this and as incredible as it may seem, many independent hotels still do not have a presence on social networks or OTAs.

Social networks have become very important in the reservation decisions of users. From choosing the destination to the places to eat and stay to see photos and videos of influencers or celebrities.

In addition, many of the travelers of younger generations, do a research of the hotel in networks to see photos of its facilities, amenities it offers and its surroundings. Thus, To keep your hotel relevant and competitive in the tourism market, you must have a social media strategy plan for your hotel.

4. Email marketing  

Among the most popular online marketing strategies for hotels is email marketing to retain customers who have already stayed with you or who show an interest in your brand.

Bear in mind that the customer experience does not end when they leave your hotel, but rather that you must follow up on a timely basis to ensure their loyalty. Also, what greater satisfaction than seeing your guests delighted with your hotel and returning.

The best option is through email marketing, since this allows you to periodically inform about promotions, events or new services that may be of interest to you. In addition to this, if you offer loyalty rewards to your customers, you can be sure that you will motivate them to repeat their stay at your hotel.

5. Differentiate your hotel from the rest

There are many more strategies to include in a hotel marketing plan, such as online and offline advertising, influencer marketing, rewards programs, as well as promoting user reviews, testimonials, etc.

The only thing you have to Considering when putting together the strategy that adapts to the unique needs of your hotel is what is the objective you want to achieve, what audience you are targeting and what resources you have to do it.

In a market as competitive as tourism, you can ensure the relevance of your hotel with a marketing strategy, but it is always crucial to innovate and find all the ways to make your brand stand out from the rest.

Think about what makes you unique, what is the value proposition that only your hotel can offer to guests. Thus, print your identity and value in everything you do, give it a unique personality that your customers can easily identify and remember.

Finally, only you know your hotel and your market perfectly, so you will know how to choose the best marketing strategies for hotels, increase your reservations and boost the growth of your business.

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