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Covid-free Hotel measures

The COVID-19 coronavirus is an intruder that we must learn to live with, just as we did with the H1N1 or Zika virus. And, while the vaccines arrive, we will have to take extreme measures to avoid contagion. Already on previous occasions we have talked about security and cleaning protocols to be adopted by the tourism sector and, of course, the hotel industry, once the quarantine is partially or totally withdrawn, and the hotels resume their operation.

Have you ever considered that this moment is closer each time? In this article we want to prepare you for the new strategies that should be put into practice as soon as you reactivate your activities.

Prepare for the reopening of your hotel covid free

In order to make the guests and employees of your hotel feel safe and free from fear, we will share with you in more detail what are the protocols that hotels must follow.

It is well known that tourism unites people, it does not separate them. If the panorama you imagine is somewhat dystopian and consists of an isolated or rigid, almost militaristic hotel stay, you can rest assured: the implementation of these measures does not have to make people cold or distant (or not in every way ); It is only about becoming aware as a society that we must adjust our habits based on our own and collective health, and that we need to adapt to these changes from now on, no matter how drastic they may seem.

Ready, set, COVID free hotels!

As in Madrid more than 300 hotels are currently associated with the health sector to receive a certification called "COVID Free Hotels", in Mexico and the world, the hotel industry must integrate similar protocols that inspire the public with total confidence and guarantee sanitary measures.

It is clear that, as hotels begin to sport this badge, they will be the first to be placed in the windows of the web. Is certification as COVID-free hotels It will make them the best options in the market and, without a doubt, they will be in the sights of users and future guests, so that this habit causes a domino effect in the hotel industry.

Welcome to a post-COVID hotel:

We are very close to experiencing the following scenario, in which the arrival and stay of the guests would be more or less like this:

Dear guest: Welcome. We have certification COVID Free. To offer you a better service, these are our new sanitary measures to guarantee you a safe and hygienic stay. Please read the following guidelines:

1.- In our lobby, you will have at your disposal an antibacterial gel dispenser. Be sure to use it as soon as you enter the waiting room.

2.- Procedure to perform Check-in and Check-out: It is possible to do web Check-in through our site: ____, or, through our tool Self check, available at the entrance of our facilities. If you have any questions, an advisor can guide you through the procedure.

To perform the Check-out, you must follow the same steps as the Check-in, or choose by telephone.

3.- Use of gloves and face masks: In your room, you will find an amenity kit that will include, among others, face masks, gloves and antibacterial gel.

Do not forget to respect the marks or stickers on our facilities, which indicate physical distancing. Keep a distance of 2 meters between other people.

4.- Rules for the use of elevators: The elevators will be available for a maximum of 3 people and only to access the 4th floor onwards. If your room is on the first 3 levels, please use the stairs.

Note: If you or your companions have reduced mobility, our staff can guide you.

Access to rooms and elevators: Access to rooms and elevators will be wireless, through our proximity system, or through our elevator operator.

We thank you for your kind attention. Enjoy your stay.

Attractive, right? The establishments that offer these alternatives will be able to gain the trust of their guests and protect the safety of all people.

Other additional protocols will be:

  • Place acrylic partitions in the reception.
  • Use about 60% of the capacity of hotels and 50% of space in hotel restaurants or gyms, so that both guests and diners are separated.
  • Consider the buffet service. In case of keeping it, it should be served by the staff and it will be advisable to ration food such as desserts or salads, in order to avoid manipulation by diners.
  • Regarding the cleaning measures, once the Check-out is done, the rooms will be cleaned and sterilized after 3 days (maximum period in which the virus survives on the surfaces).
  • The staff responsible for cleaning will be provided with disposable gowns (in addition to the mask and gloves assigned to all hotel staff).
  • Only if guests require it, can they request cleaning during their stay.

Now, it is very likely that you wonder, what will happen to recreation areas such as swimming pools and beaches?

Like other areas more agglomerated by nature, such as gyms or hotel restaurants, swimming pools and beaches must also be governed by the same rules: 50% capacity, 2 meter spacing between sunning machines, and disinfection every 2 hours, preferably. For this, it will be desirable to implement signs, as a reminder.

We know that these changes will not be easy, but we trust that you will know how to face them to open your doors to new travelers. At GuruHotel we are excited to see you resume your activities, that is why we care to keep you updated about the changes that our industry will experience due to the pandemic that we are experiencing. Thus, while you prepare to receive your guests in the best way, we provide you with the most effective technology to manage and increase your sales.

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