Social media strategies for hotels

Social networks hotels

Currently, Social Networks are the best ally to communicate the services and activities that your clients can enjoy in the facilities of your Hotel as well as in the events and emblematic places around you.

Social Networks offer an unbeatable opportunity to impress your clients and remind them of all the experiences who can live in your accommodation.

It doesn't matter if the hotel is big or small. Everyone, regardless of their size, must have this digital medium.

Advantages of using social media as a marketing strategy

The correct management and administration of the social networks of a hotel can obtain very great benefits.

 In the first place, having a profile within a social network gives us greater visibility. This presence can redirect visits to our website to get more reservations.

Second, social networks allow us to enjoy a space on the Internet for free.

Another advantage of our hotel being present on social networks is the speed of communication with our clients and target audience. Since the information is published at the moment and the feedback of the users does not take long to arrive.

Finally, social networks humanize businesses and make them closer and more accessible. Communication becomes more personalized and close.

Remember that… Your credibility in Social Networks plays a fundamental role in the decision of your guests.

Recommendations to improve your social networks

  1. The first and above all the most important point that will set the course for your networking strategy is to design a strategy.

This must have the particularities of your accommodation (with its strengths and weaknesses), the characteristics of your target audience and be integrated with your strategy and business philosophy.

  1. Choose the network or networks in which you will be present

It is not necessary to be on all social networks. In fact, it is not recommended, unless you have the time and resources to keep them all up to date.

Next we will talk about the most important ones:

  • Facebook - It is the best way to reach your target audience.

By optimizing the presence of your hotel on Facebook, it allows you to promote your services automatically. 

What to post?

Attractive images of the interior and exterior facilities of your Hotel.

Short videos.

Live videos.

Offers and promotions.

Surveys and sweepstakes.

  • Instagram

Instagram is one of the most influential Social Networks of the moment. It is the perfect place to promote your hotel brand online and to find new clients.

What should I post on Instagram?

Good quality photos. 

Photos of the destination.

Stories of the day to day of your hotel.


  • LinkedIn  

You must show your most professional side, you can share interesting news from the sector.

  • Youtube  

He is the king of video. Show your guests your best version, offer a video tour of your Hotel, transmit the experiences they can live!

  • Tik tok

This network promotes the sharing of small video clips among a community, allowing the user to share their day-to-day life, incorporating music and animation.

  1. Humanize your brand and connect with your community

Your main objective in social networks is to connect your hotel with people (whether they are clients, tourists, business travelers, etc.).

It is always important to listen to your community, to know what they want and want from you, so that in this way you offer them valuable content. 

  1. Optimize your products and services with the data obtained from social networks.

The analytics that social networks give us are essential, since thanks to this data we can make correct decisions based on results

With these strategies for social networks you will be able to better position your hotel in the networks and above all generate greater reservations.

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