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Hotel technology is constantly growing: new products, software and companies create solutions for better management that allow hotels to be more efficient and save resources. Although it is really new compared to other industries, as it is considered to be only two decades old, adopting it can drastically change the way you manage your resources, your reservations, including increasing the number of clients and the occupancy rate of your hotel.

There are thousands of hotels in the world that have not yet decided to adopt technologies to improve their operations, which puts them in a great disadvantage against the competition. Hotels that compete globally share the same concern to use technological tools that benefit them in the long term in the face of competition.

Two words you need to be very clear in your mind when adopting a new technology: automation and integration. If the technology you want to adopt can help you improve any of these processes, it is certainly worth having it as an ally. Here we give you 5 essentials:

Technologies for direct reservations

The 70% of users who find your hotel on platforms such as Booking or Take off, they search on Google if you have a website to benefit from a better rate, to see your promotions, or simply to know more about your property. Having a direct booking channel means take advantage of this large percentage of people who “google” your site before reserving it at an online agency. Hence, if you manage to convert these visits into sales, you will have taken away a good percentage of business from online travel agencies. Be careful, not with any website you can achieve this: it is very important to have a good user experience, a clean and attractive design and above all with a simple and impeccable purchase process.

Property Management Technologies (PMS)

This type of cloud technology offers you tools to help you with a myriad of processes necessary for managing your hotel. For example, they work very well for managing supplier payments, managing reservations, controlling resources, and generating real-time reports on all aspects of the hotel operation. Each system will offer you different options, so you need to review what they offer and how much they charge to see if it is worth the investment. Most importantly, this technology helps you in the difficult task of automate and streamline processes.

Marketing Technologies

Different types of services fall into this category. For example, one of the marketing activities that you cannot stop using during the contingency that we are experiencing is email marketing campaigns. For this, it is essential that you adopt -or continue to adopt- an emailmarketing platform that allows you to automate processes and measure the results in real time of any communication, notification and message that you want to send to your customer database. Today more than ever it is essential that you clarify the position of your company and the actions they have decided to take to face the COVID-19 situation in your country, also in response to the action plans of the federal and local authorities. And most important of all: how are you dealing with the reservation cancellation requests that would have been consumed in the months to follow? Take advantage of email marketing technologies such as Sendgrid or Mailchimp to communicate with your future guests and offer them additional rewards and benefits so that instead of canceling, the client decides to postpone their vacations.

Market analysis technology

These types of tools will allow you to analyze your competition in real time and make key decisions about rates and sales channels. Making these decisions can be very complex in an environment that is constantly changing, so this type of technology will be your best ally since you will have notifications about any important changes and about the trends of your destination and your market. You can also generate reports that allow you to decide the best strategy to meet your financial goals without having to spend a fortune on consulting.

Finally, what we want to share with you is that today you can have a group of experts that provide you with all these technologies for only a percentage of what it would cost you to have all these systems at the same time. With Guru Hotel you have the possibility to increase your direct sales through a personalized and optimized website, which will help you increase the profits of your accommodation in a significant way from the first month. In addition, our monthly plan includes a Property Management System and a Booking Engine integrated with your property, taking the management of your operation to another level.

We are a multidisciplinary team of marketing, sales and ecommerce professionals. We know how to create a highly functional website that turns visits into direct bookings. We believe that you should also have it, free and without complications. Talk to one of our Expert Guru to guide you on the path to growing your business.

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