The advantages of booking your next vacation now

Why is it convenient to plan trips now?

For the world population, COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact. Nobody imagined having to transform their routine from one day to the next, stay at home, abruptly close the businesses, plan with acute strategy the trips for groceries, even if they are to the supermarket next door. At this time, thousands of people who are in their homes carrying out tasks and hobbies in virtuality, wonder when they will be able to go out for a quiet walk and enjoy the world as we knew it before.

Since March 21, the governments of Mexico and the United States have agreed to restrict non-essential travel. These partial limitations for travelers were made with the aim of maintaining the economic flow, since day by day, just across the border, around 1 million people transit.

As part of the measures to reduce the epidemic outbreak by COVID-19, the tourist strike in Mexico has left as a balance the cancellation of thousands of hotel and flight reservations. Those who already had trips or vacations scheduled in the coming months have been forced to postpone or cancel their plans; while others have left the possibility of traveling this year in the background, or do not even conceive within their agenda, for fear of risking their health and their economy.

Of course, even when the quarantine is lifted and it is time to return to everyday life, it is possible that many people refuse to resume leisure or recreational travel until they feel more secure. However, those who intend to vacation during the second half of 2020 and during 2021, will be able to do so more easily if they start planning now.

Jorge Díaz Baruch, Head of the Travel Clinic of the UNAM, estimates that the COVID-19 outbreak will have a approximate duration of 12 weeks, so it is possible that tourism will resume around August or September of this year.

Why is it convenient to plan trips now?

Given the low tourist demand and the general concern of passengers and vacationers to resume their plans for the future, hotels and airlines are already serving sanitary measures that they will implement once the quarantine ends. Payment facilities, low costs and flexibility policies are options that ensure clients' investment. In this way, they will not be affected by changing the dates if necessary.

Within the cruise sector, companies such as Viking River Cruises or Princess Cruises show their commitment to the health and well-being of their travelers; Obviously, for now they have stopped their work, but they expect to restart activities as of July 1.

In the meantime, offer their clients the rescheduling of their plans and cancellations without charges, including refunds, as well as the companies Aeroméxico, Volaris, Viva Aerobus, among others; many hotels are doing the same and, in addition, will make official extreme cleaning processes as part of its clauses and if it was not enough, its rates are very accessible for people who book now.

In general, the tourism sector will have to refine precautions to generate trust in its customers; It will be these companies who must take the first step, in order to guarantee a safe stay, and with additional benefits such as costs never seen before.

Quarantine: an opportunity for savings

It is convenient to take out the positive side: in addition to the great offers and other incentives available, the current closure will also facilitate savings. Disregarding the expenses involved in making the undesirable panic purchases, many families will optimize resources commonly used for transportation, gasoline or clothing, for example.

Without a doubt, this will be a great opportunity to go to the destination that travelers have always wanted and to enjoy with your loved ones, before prices rise again, once demand normalizes. By then, we will surely be eager to have social contact again, face to face (adopting the changes that this implies): vacations will be the oasis after the confinement and we will be ready to rest and de-stress.

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