Vacationing after quarantine: now possible in China

Reactivation of world tourism

Global tourism has suffered a great pause in recent times due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the imposed quarantine, but all that could be in the past if relevant actions continue to be taken and, perhaps, as in the case of China, vacation possible very soon in other parts of the world.

After the health emergency due to the appearance of this disease, the rest of the world focuses its attention on China and studies the patterns to reactivate the markets and the different economic sectors, including tourism, of which expect a revival when everything is under control and restrictions are lifted and access to borders.

What is happening in China?

When the quarantine was lifted in China on April 8, the first trips were made for the Qingming, a celebration known as the Tomb Cleaning Day, in which people pay tribute to their deceased and ancestors by visiting their last homes with offerings, during the past weekend. Shan Mingyu and her five-member family made this trip and settled in a resort.

"We did not want to travel very far and we did not want to take public transport," said the 22-year-old student, who spent about a month locked up at home with his family while the government took measures to control the virus.

In an interview with the portal Skift, Shan confirmed that they reserved a villa so that they could all stay together with the corresponding precautions; for example, they brought a bottle of ethanol with them to sterilize the entire site.

Almost all of the visitors to China's top 10 tourist spots during Qingming were local; People in the Asian country are making the decision to travel to places close to their homes and activities or "getaways" that do not last more than a weekend, and certainly the aforementioned celebration is of utmost importance for the inhabitants. At the same time, travel agents are prohibited from interprovincial travel.

Even with the visits, there was a significant reduction in the number of passengers due to the epidemic that continues on the planet.

Little by little, the Chinese industry is picking up. Experts in the field have good forecasts and hope that the same will happen in other countries and that most markets will recover before international travel, including tourism.

According to data from the OAG firm: The capacity of domestic airlines in China fell slightly this week compared to the last, companies are trying to balance available capacity with demand.

In late March this year, Hubei, the Chinese province where COVID-19 originated, prepared to lift its quarantine. This month, uninfected residents have been able to move freely through the streets; For their part, the inhabitants of Wuhan, the city where the pandemic began, have been able to do so for a couple of days.

Life for those regions is, in a way, returning to normal, although the schools are still closed. This is evidence that the recovery in other parts of the world is also in process, it is important that we respect the sanitary measures of each locality to begin the social and economic recovery of different industries.

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