Ready to change your cleaning standards after lock down?

Lock down cleaning standards

The cleaning and disinfection standards of hotels could become a very important competitive advantage during the difficult recovery of the market, after the lock down of the facilities caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

According HotelPlanner, agency specialized in the group travel segment, policies and procedures for cleaning and disinfection of accommodation facilities will be subject to contractual clauses.

"I see contracts that include clauses on cleaning both rooms and common meeting spaces," said director of operations Bruce Rosenberg, according to Skift. The current standard cleaning, therefore, should be “reviewed and redefined” according to Rosenberg, in order to respond to new needs and new fears of “post Coronavirus” travelers.

Measures to take

It is to be expected that once order is restored and the quarantine is lifted, people will feel insecure and with doubts about the establishments and services that they usually visit and consume.

There are a series of measures to take that we can begin to contemplate and implement in our hotels, both in independent businesses and large chains, and that is precisely where an area of opportunity opens up.

Some of these measures are:

Highly trained staff: The participation of a team that is aware of current problems, empathic and trained in health issues is essential for the proper functioning and success of our hotels.

Prevention in key areas: It is vital to emphasize the hygiene of the places that, logically, are the most risky: handrails, elevator buttons, switches, bathrooms, among others, especially at busy times of the day, such as the stipulated check-in times and check-out, in which there are increased activity and movement.

Maintenance of public spaces: The conservation not only of rooms, but of shared areas such as lobby, conference rooms, restaurants, among others, is one of the most important actions to take! Our guests must feel safe and taken into account, in this way they will find comfort and invaluable trust will be generated. Public spaces should be cleaned daily and thoroughly each day, with the help of appropriate personnel. It is recommended to disinfect these spaces every hour of the day.

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