Leadership strategies for hoteliers

Leadership strategies for hotels

Being a hotel leader is far from simply managing a tourist accommodation and managing all the part of the team, reservations, economic resources, etc. For this reason, leadership strategies for hoteliers must be cultivated within hotel managers to generate a winning culture and have a successful business in the long term.

According to the website of OCCMundial, leader in the search for employment and optimization of the recruitment strategies of companies in the national market, the 60% of Mexican professionals values leadership as the main attribute of their superiors.

So in this article we will look at the main leadership strategies that you must implement to take your hotel to the next level.

Create a culture of hotel leadership

First, a common misconception in hotels is that only bosses are seen as having the power to influence and make changes within the organization. However, leadership is something that anyone can cultivate, as even team members can influence their own peers.

In this way, it is important that you, as a hotel manager or in a position that has supervision over other people, foster an environment where leadership attitudes are welcome.

To make it, you have to lead by example. Detecting potential leaders, applauding their positive attitudes, listening to everyone's ideas and promoting teamwork, reinforcing motivation, decision-making capacity and the fulfillment of objectives, etc.

Remember that your attitude as a director in an organization says a lot to your employees about how they should also behave, therefore, it is essential that you transmit and act according to the values and attitudes that you want to inspire in others, such as coherence, integrity , trust, transparency, justice, etc.

Build open communication

All the great leaders in history emphasize the importance of knowing how to communicate. Not only have clear strategies and objectives of what you want to achieve for your hotel, but also define the way to communicate it to all those involved in the company.

On the one hand, you will have to communicate clearly to your team the reasons why a leadership attitude should be implemented in everyone, regardless of their position in the hotel hierarchy, as well as the benefits that this will have individually and for the development of the hotel as a whole.

Some leadership strategies for hoteliers are: communicate and celebrate the achievement of objectives (sales, reservations, events, etc.) as an achievement of all. This way you can show that effort and teamwork are valued, and provide a sense of security and belonging to the organization.

In addition to this, take into account that your collaborators need motivation to give the best of themselves within the hotel. Make sure you know what their interests and goals are to offer them what they need, be it continuous training, growth plans, leadership tools, among many others.

Have a successful vision  

One of the symptoms that a hotel does not have good leaders is that it has neglected some part of the strategy in the short, medium or long term.

That is, when a hotel simply focuses on short-term results like reaching a certain number of reservations, website visits, etc., it is neglecting the hotel's vision for the future.

The success of the hotel depends on having a balance between day-to-day results, but with a long-term vision. This is achieved with a development plan that has a strategy, as well as defined objectives and goals.

Be clear that you should define your strategies for the short, medium and long term and achieve a balance between themSince by focusing on just one, you run the risk of myopia and not seeing correctly the direction you want to take to your hotel.

A leader is much more than a boss, he is a person who can correctly manage everything that happens in his hotel and generate profits, but who also manages to keep his people motivated by a common goal and is capable of making decisions always thinking about him. better future for the organization.

With these leadership strategies for hoteliers, you will truly be able to create the best work environment as well as achieve the success and sustainability of your business in the future.

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