Why should you have a mobile website for your hotel?

mobile web for hotel why it is important

If you run a hotel, you know better than anyone that user experience is everything. So, when it comes time to ask yourself, what is the next step to provide your users with an intuitive, personalized and above all, experience that is at their fingertips? The natural response is to have a mobile website for your hotel

What is a mobile website for a hotel?

The mobile web is an internet site optimized to be accessed from mobile devices such as smartphones, smart watches, tablets, etc., and is characterized by being fast to load, being intuitive and not taking up space in the memory of the devices.  

5 advantages of having a mobile website

Greater number of users

In accordance with recent statistics, digital, mobile and social media have become an indispensable part of the daily lives of people around the world. More than 4.5 billion people use the internet, while social media users exceed 3.8 billion. But, more importantly, more than 5.19 billion people use smartphones to access the internet. This translates into an incredible framework of action for new users to learn about your hotel from the comfort of their mobile devices. 

More information for less space

Let's be honest, it is becoming more and more difficult for a user to download an app because this implies giving up valuable space in the memory of their devices, in addition, it takes time to search and in many cases, the user is concerned about the accesses that an app normally requests.

That is why developing a mobile website for your hotel is to offer your users complete, detailed and accessible information about everything they need to know about your project, without taking up space on their smartphones and in a fast, safe and reliable way. 

Off-road compatibility

Only the fittest survive... this is a premise that can be applied from the animal kingdom, to the sophistication of the online hotel industry; And that is just a great advantage that a mobile website offers you.

It is fully compatible with all kinds of mobile devices so that your customers can access your site feeling completely comfortable to learn more about your facilities, schedules, reservation dynamics and payment methods from their favorite mobile device. 

Hassle-free reservations

We live in the era of immediacy, so offering your clients total ease to put together their dream vacations at the last minute is a plus that you cannot miss.

A mobile website for your hotel is ready so that your future users have the certainty of being able to reserve one of your wonderful rooms as soon as they wish without more science than sliding their finger across its screen, and that, in turn, you will receive immediately the notification that will allow you to have everything ready for your arrival. 

Direct sale

It does not fail: a new client finds out about your hotel and asks for information. Then you send the link to your mobile website allowing this new potential visitor to discover the wonders that your facilities can offer, sliding quickly and comfortably through the menu of your site, scrolling through your image gallery, reading the previous reviews. visitors have left… everything from their mobile device and in record loading time.

In a matter of minutes and in a simple way, you made a direct sale that, rest assured, it will become a recommendation for new future clients thanks to the immediacy of attention, the ease of finding information and the speed of making a reservation.  

Although it is true that in a field as demanding as managing a hotel, a mobile website does not do everything, it turns out to be an extremely useful tool to add to the excellent service offered by your staff, to the quality of the facilities of your hotel, to the speed of response they receive throughout their purchase process, as well as your ability to develop an appropriate marketing strategy.

However, do not doubt that, as a manager, it will make your life much more satisfactory, and it will leave your clients with a smile from side to side and eager to visit not only your mobile website, but your beautiful hotel.  

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